Wind energy blows records!

There was a flurry of record-breaking periods in December 2013 for wind power generation in the UK. 2,841 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity were generated by wind power for the National Grid during December. To put this into perspective, this equates to 10% of Britain’s total electricity demand for homes, businesses and factories or the equivalent of powering more than 5.7 million homes.

Other records broken included the amount of electricity generated in a week (starting Monday 16th December); with wind energy generating 783,886MWh and providing 13% of Britain’s total electricity needs that week. On Saturday 21st December, wind generated 132.8 GWh, the equivalent of 17% of the nation’s total electricity demand that day.

All the energy generated by small and medium-scale turbines (known as distributed energy or embedded generation because it is embedded in local networks) is additional to the above figures, as it is measured as a reduction in demand on the National Grid.

This news give strong confidence for the year ahead, as we continue to increase the amount of clean power generated from wind energy!