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It’s catching on quickly!

Last week Scotland revealed its plans to follow a model for small scale wind turbines and it appears the trend is catching. The Institute for Public Policy Research have expressed their support for small-scale renewable projects, stating this approach would replace the reliance on larger, international companies and put the ownership back in the hands of communities.

Indeed, utilities have faced increasing competition from community owned energy schemes adding to the rumour that the utility model is on its way out. There are many examples of wind turbines owned by schools, farmers, businesses and other co-operatives who are all benefiting from locally sourced, renewable energy.

Fine Energy work with landowners to develop sites for small-scale wind turbines. Why? The turbine generators do not rely on fuel and the machines produce a clean and balanced energy supply which can be consumed on site, or close to the generation point. Wind is not going to run out any time soon and once the turbines are manufactured and installed they do not release carbon dioxide or any other contaminants into the environment.

Does wind work for you?

Wind projects to be scaled down in size

Fine Energy identify and develop the best sites for small scale wind projects in the UK. Traditionally, the energy produced by the turbines has been sold to the grid, however we encourage onsite usage wherever possible.

Interestingly, it appears the appeal of making money by selling excess energy is not as enticing as it once was. Indeed, concerns over energy supply and rising prices are convincing communities and land owners to explore options for installing smaller turbines. The energy could be used in their own homes, guaranteeing lower prices for energy bills and offering a clean and balanced energy supply.

Notably, small scale wind projects receive more support and have a higher success rate at the planning stage. The Highlands will be following the Scandinavian model of small scale wind turbines, however we don’t think it will be long before other regions begin to seriously invest in distributed generation. The technology has proved it’s worth over the last two decades and when the turbine isn’t turning, you can still import energy from the grid.

It’s win win.

Meet Fine Energy at The Renewables Event 2014

Fine Energy will be taking part in this year’s The Renewables Event, which will be held at the NEC in Birmingham on 16-17 September 2014. The Renewables Event is an exhibition which allows companies to share their renewable energy solutions with a wide audience.

We will be showcasing the Fine Energy Wind Optimiser – an innovative relay device for maximising the efficiency of on-site energy use. Currently under development, the Optimiser is designed for installation at our small and medium scale sites and can automatically switch on up to four appliances when more energy is being generated than is being consumed. This reduces loss of energy off site to the grid and helps residents continue to use wind energy even during periods of lower wind speeds. We will be providing a demonstration of the Optimiser on both days of the exhibition.

We hope to see you there!