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Wind power meets Farm Power

What if every farm in the UK was generating renewable energy? What if instead of The Big 6, farms played a more important role in the national energy mix by offering independent rural power generation? Well, why not?

Farm Power, an organisation founded by Forum for the Future, Farmers Weekly and Nottingham Trent University, is looking at exactly this. A significant percentage of farmers have already invested in renewable energy, yet the source remains largely untapped. The benefits include reduced farm business costs and the wider community benefit from cleaner, greener energy.

Rural landowners are increasingly looking to diversify their income and land rental is one way in which they can earn money.  Fine Energy offer a guaranteed annual rental deal for 20 years in exchange for leasing a small portion of land on which to install a wind turbine.

This process isn’t without its challenges. Investment in the grid is needed and government policy has been inconsistent. In the case of  wind turbines there exist constraints including radar, telecommunication links, heritage assets and ecology which can rule out development in the very early stages. Even once planning permission is granted, projects can be called in and then refused.

Endurance Wind Power is a manufacturer of wind turbines who actively support the Farm Power project. Their range of small and medium scale machines are installed throughout the UK and the E and X Series turbines have been designed specifically for distributed wind power applications such as farms and dairies.

Lord Curry has championed the initiative, saying “it’s in all our interests to get behind this and champion the benefits, and opportunity, that renewable energy technologies can bring to society and farming”.


Norvento is looking good

Norvento, manufacturer of medium scale wind turbine model the nED100, has already set an impressive daily generation record.

A machine at Slagnaw Farm in Castle Douglas, Scotland, yielded 2035kWh on 25 October and 2177kWh the following day. According to the figures provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, this combined total matches the annual electricity consumption of a family home in the UK.

“This performance milestone is very pleasing but hardly comes as a surprise,” said Norvento director of UK business development Ivo Arnús. “We are continuously striving to refine nED100 as a product.

Having already sealed a deal for a portfolio of seven sites in Scotland earlier this year, Norvento looks set to be a leading manufacturer in the UK.


Endurance offers investors a second chance

Endurance officially launched the new E4660 at the RenewableUK Annual Exhibition and Conference in Manchester last week. So what’s so good about this model? Well, the UK’s Feed-in Tariff has reduced by 30 per cent over the past 18 months and investors are looking for a productivity level which compensates for this drop. The Endurance E4660 generates 35 per cent more electricity than its predecessor, the E3120, which means a lower cost of energy and an excellent return on investment.

It gets better. The turbine can perform even at modest wind sites. Dave Rankin, UK Managing Director of Endurance Wind Power, said: “The purpose of UK’s Feed in Tariff scheme is to make wind more affordable and that is what this machine does. Endurance has created an even more efficient machine that shows DECC’s Feed-in Tariff scheme continues to work.”

We look forward to finding suitable wind sites for the E4660 in 2015.


Exciting progress for onshore wind developments

Developers of wind energy projects must always take into consideration the proximity, height and total number of existing turbines when designing a proposal. Information which details proposed, consented and constructed wind turbines is made available through public records- however this does mean trawling through local council websites which can take weeks and even months!

Luckily, Linknode has developed an online system for searching and reporting on the cumulative visual impact of onshore wind turbines. This could reduce the assessment time from weeks to minutes.

The system, which draws on a database of 27,000 turbine locations across the UK, was launched at the RenewableUK 2014 conference in Manchester last week.

The system is integrated into the company’s mobile app VentusAR, which features a portable wind farm visualisation solution. Project Managers can take an iPad or tablet with them on site visits and use the mobile app to detect other turbines in the local area.

Fine Energy is very excited to see how this idea progresses. Clever Linknode.

Site success

As a developer of sites for wind energy projects, it is hugely rewarding when a wind turbine gets constructed. We are happy to report that an Endurance E3120 has been installed at a site in Devon where it is now generating renewable energy.

During the planning process we develop a strong relationship with the landowner and it is both a relief and a privilege when we can tell them planning permission has been granted.

Thank you to everybody involved for all your hard work!