Our Mission

We aim to reduce the UK’s need for power stations, one wind turbine at a time.

How we achieve this

By developing small-scale wind energy projects which feed the energy they generate into surrounding homes and businesses via the local distribution network. Typically, energy is generated in large-scale power stations, from non-renewable resources and is transmitted around the country via the national grid. We actively reduce this demand.

Wind is the UK’s most abundant renewable energy resource. Harnessing that resource is essential if we are to have a secure, clean and balanced energy supply. On a local scale wind energy is also valuable, whether you’re a farmer looking to generate additional revenue from your land, a business keen to reduce energy costs, or a community that wants to generate its own clean electricity.

We generate renewable energy through the ownership and operation of distributed wind turbines. We are always interested in expanding our portfolio of turbines by acquiring operational sites. We also support the turbine maintenance companies by providing specialised parts, including the vitally important turbine blades, made by our partner in China.