Almost nine out of ten respondents to a YouGov survey want to see more renewable energy developments.

2,884 people were asked to talk about their opinions on renewables, with close to two thirds saying they want cleaner power generation from wind, wave, solar or tidal sources.

Those who have been following public opinion on renewable energies will not be surprised; last week an Ipsos MORI survey showed that 67% of people polled want wind energy systems to be more widely used.

The survey did not reveal the reasons for the opinions polled – a desire to be less reliant on imported fossil fuels and support for the renewables industry’s creation of 14,000 new jobs last year may deliver the answer.

Distributed Wind Energy is an important part of renewable energy developments. Medium-scale projects of one or two turbines on towers of heights around 30m, supported by the Feed-in Tariff, provide the right compromise between energy yield and visual impact. These work well in industrial sites including business parks and depots as well as farms; crucially they can be operational within a few months.

Currently only 9.5% of the UK’s total energy use comes from green sources. The public appear to have a strong preference for responsible solutions to our environmental status quo and a lower carbon future.