Wind power currently equates up to 20% of our electricity demand in the UK and not only does is help to tackle climate change, but it employs thousands of people and attracts more than £1.3 billions investment into the Scottish community. Now it’s planning on going one step further.

Scottish Renewables have made new regulations for their onshore wind farms creating financial benefits for local communities with the aim of making locals realise the potential of wind energy and generate less opposition. For every megawatt of installed capacity, £5,000 will be made available for local communities to invest however they wish.

So far communities have invested in energy efficiency, college bursaries, cycle paths and even community transport schemes, and Scottish Renewables see it as an opportunity to explore the potential for community ownership of onshore wind farms.

At existing wind farms like Earlsburn and Neilston, local residents have financial stakes in the turbines, making the development process much easier and involving as many of the local residents as possible.

By encouraging community involvement in these energy projects, Scottish Renewables hope to strengthen the relationship between developers and local residents, to maximise the benefits that wind turbines can bring.