Located off the coast of Suffolk, the East Anglia One offshore wind farm will cover an area of approximately 300 square kilometres and is scheduled to install up to 240 wind turbines – which would make it the biggest wind farm in the world! The consent application for East Anglia ONE was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in November 2012, consented in June 2014 and the developer estimates the farm will be operational in 2019.

East Anglia ONE Offshore Wind is a joint venture between ScottishPower Renewables and Vattenfall, and is the largest renewable energy project ever to receive planning consent in England and Wales. Once built, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) predict the wind farm will generate enough electricity to power approximately 820,000 homes. Throughout its construction the wind farm is expected to add more than £500 million into the region’s economy.

We specialise in small-scale onshore developments but we applaud the huge contribution to emissions reduction this development will make.The UK have a lot to gain from it including 2,900 job opportunities and reduced reliance on imported fuel. The approval marks a significant stepping stone for the future of renewable energy in the UK at a time when the coalition government is threatening to remove subsidies for onshore and offshore wind energy projects. Wind power is continuing to play an increasingly important part in meeting the UK’s energy needs despite mixed messages from government.