Students from Exeter University visited Britain’s first commercial wind farm in Delabole as part of an exercise to teach them how important the renewable energy sector is to the South West’s economy.

It is understood that more than 10,000 people work in the renewables sector in the South West and this could rise to 34,000 jobs by 2020. Simon Wheeler, head of development at Good Energy, said the Big Field Wind Farm in North Cornwall could be worth more than £5m to Cornwall’s economy if it is given the go-ahead. This would amount to the equivalent of a further £14 million over the 25-year life of the project.

It is refreshing to see efforts being made to educate the next generation. Individuals who are encouraged to take an interest in wind energy projects will play an important role in securing the sustainable development of renewable energy in the UK. Teaching students about the importance of clean energy whilst they are still in education will help decrease the possibility of a skills gap; and will ensure a future supply of technicians, project managers and developers.