Two wind turbines are Shoreham Port’s latest plan as it works towards a more sustainable future. Shoreham Port is working in partnership with Fine Energy and Norvento Wind Energy UK on the project to install two 100kW wind turbines.

Annual electricity consumption at the Port is 1.7GWh and the largest consumption of energy is at the pumphouse, where water lost through the opening and closing of the locks is replenished. This is essential to maintain the water level in the canal and keeping the infrastructure secure, but this process alone uses 28 per cent of the annual consumption.

The plan is to place the two wind turbines on the outer layby, south of Basin Road. Each turbine would have a three-bladed rotor measuring 22m in diameter, placed on a 24.5m high tubular tower, making the height 35.5m to the tip of the blades.

Fine Energy's artist impression of the proposed wind turbines on the outer layby, south of Basin Road