Wind energy specialist Fine Energy now has a base in Edinburgh. The company rents land from businesses with space for one or more small-scale wind turbines. The new premises are needed to service growing demand for its services across Scotland.

Fine Energy is committed to helping Scotland reach its target of 80% renewable electricity by 2020. Their focus is on distributed energy projects with minimal impact on the landscape, the grid and neighbouring properties. Backed by Endurance Wind Power, the company is currently screening large numbers of sites for public and private sector organisations across the UK.

Dave Rankin, Managing Director of Endurance Wind Power UK, said “With its abundance of wind resource, Scotland is a natural home for our small, quiet Endurance E-3120 turbine. We already have some important installations in Scotland and we will be supporting Fine Energy in securing further suitable sites”.

Fine Energy works with businesses and individual landowners who are looking to rent out their land for wind energy. As well as earning an assured rent for 20 years with no investment required, landowners benefit from a yield-dependent bonus, and can reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.