Situated off the north-west coast of Lewis, Aquamarine Power has been granted the permission to install a 40MW wave farm consisting of 40-50 devices, making it the largest commercial wind farm in the world and able to support approximately 30,000 homes.

Aquamarine power will begin installing the Oyster devices in the next few years, following grid infrastructure being out in place by energy company SSE, in order to transfer the electricity from the hydroelectric plant to mainland Scotland. The company received their planning for the onshore hydroelectric power plant to be connected to the Oyster machines form Western Isles Council.

Wave energy received a further boost in May when Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Technology, Fergus Ewing, who was speaking at All Energy, Aberdeen, revealed that companies can apply for cash under the £18million Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) from June. Previously schemes were categorised under wave and tidal energy, but due to 3 tidal energy projects recently securing financial support in Scottish waters from other sources such as the European Commission fund and UK government, resulting in the new scheme being entirely open to wave energy.

Wave energy, is a kinetic energy that is produced from the interaction of wind with water and therefore the creation of waves. The Oyster 800 is an oscillating body that is submerged or on the surface and is moved up and down, or back and forth by waves. The high pressure motion creates then drives an onshore hydroelectric generator.