Fine Energy Edinburgh have been working very hard on a site in Scotland and it was revealed this week that planning permission has been granted! An Endurance E3120 wind turbine will be installed on the land for a duration of 20 years, and the energy generated will be fed into the local distribution networks for use by local residents and businesses.

Wind attracts frequent criticism for being intermittent – the argument being that if we were 100 per cent reliant on wind, there would be times when there would be no energy at all. This is undeniably true, but the fact is that wind is part of the UK’s energy mix, and every kilowatt-hour generated by wind is a kilowatt-hour that does not have to be generated using coal or other fossil fuels.

Our mission is to reduce the UK’s need for power stations and every time a wind turbine application gets granted, we are another step closer to achieving this goal.