Prime Minister David Cameron made the statement that “There has been no change towards renewable energy” to the House of Commons as he tried to quash the coalition’s internal row over its policy on wind energy this week.

It was John Hayes, Conservative energy minister, whose off-message comments that the UK has “enough” wind farms now that the country is “peppered” with them, caused the furore.  Comments which made the front pages of both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail.

Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey’s statement following Hayes’ conversation with journalists said there had been no review of wind energy, nor a cap on turbines and furthermore underlined onshore wind as being one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy.

Whilst it is inarguable that wind is an emotive issue it also remains true that the UK is legally bound by emissions reductions targets and that opinion polls show with regularity that the general public support wind power. For the renewables industry, consistency and clarity in energy policy may be the most likely response to unhelpful displays of political discord.