If you’re a farmer you’ll know how rising energy costs and a fall in income from traditional farming methods has put a strain on the profession. Rural affairs regulator DEFRA have estimated that standard farm revenues are likely to be slashed by a further 50% in the coming year, so now couldn’t be a better time to look into alternative sources of income.

Many farmers have recently diversified their livelihoods by turning to renewable energy projects as an additional source of revenue. However, looming regulator deadlines mean that all new turbines need to be pre-registered by December 31st 2013 to reap the maximum available revenue. Farmers are now looking to beat the impending reduction in the governments green energy incentives and be connected to the grid by April next year.

Despite this, currently only 5% of farmers have wind turbines so the potential for an increase in interest is great. If you have a suitable site, now couldn’t be a better time to consider renewable energy projects, so what are you waiting for?