If you run a business which uses energy round the clock, you can reduce energy costs by installing one or more small wind turbines at suitable sites. We screen sites free of charge for wind resource and, for sites where there appears to be enough wind, we assess the suitability of the site for a small wind turbine from the local authority planners’ perspective.

There are many different types of site where this can work, for example warehouses, data centres, hospitals and ports. We have developed more than 50 UK sites, including these two 100 kW Norvento nED100 wind turbines which now provide power to the pumphouse at Shoreham Port, of one of the UK’s largest cargo handling trust ports:

Two 100kW Norvento turbines erected at Shoreham Port

Two 100kW Norvento turbines erected at Shoreham Port

This scale of wind turbine (100kW) is designed so as to be compatible with industrial and commercial settings. The machines can operate in low noise mode where necessary, allowing them to be situated close to offices and thereby reducing the problem of limited land space.

We are also interested in smaller-scale sites where the may not be enough space for a 100kW machine in which case we would look to provide energy using a smaller turbine such as the Orenda 49kW or the Britwind 15kW H15 turbine.

If you are interested in finding out more about reducing your energy costs in this way, please call us on 0121-449-4443 (England and Wales) or on 0131 443 0040 (Scotland).