With nearly a decade of site development experience and with a small fleet of our own turbines to look after, we are well placed to help investors and manufacturers move consented sites into the construction stage.

We use a detailed pre-construction checklist to assess site readiness, based around the following risk areas:

  • planning consent – conditions, noise risks, obligations to notify?
  • lease – registration, tenants rights
  • third party land rights for access and cabling
  • DNO – grid offer, connection agreement, DNO’s land rights
  • FIT accreditation if applicable
  • energy export contract
  • energy import contract

When managing installations we plan based on a template designed to ensure focus on the following areas

  • contract and identification of local installation partners
  • access and preparatory works
  • foundation quality
  • installation plan
  • DNO coordination
  • local authority and Health and Safety Executive liaison
  • commissioning
  • total generation metering
  • G59 testing
  • export metering
  • FIT registration if applicable
  • site remediation to Local Authority standards

We also help clients with the ongoing administration of UK SPVs set up to own and operate small-scale wind turbines. From our experience of operating our own small wind turbines in the UK we understand small-wind project cashflows and can review them where appropriate to ensure that they make realistic provision for timing of revenues, turbine downtime, maintenance, energy costs, insurance and business rates where applicable.