I’d enquired about borrowing the money to install my own turbine, but didn’t want to commit to the expense of applying for planning without a cast iron guarantee that permission would be granted. Instead, I worked with Fine Energy to seek planning approval with the final goal being to erect a turbine which was owned by a third party and from which I would earn a regular income.”

Planning for the 24 metre tall Endurance E3120 machine was initially declined due to the potential visual impact it would have on an area which is a summer tourist favourite. “I spoke to our neighbours and the wider community about the plans, with all but one of our neighbours offering their support to the proposal. We also received support from the Farmers Union of Wales and held an open invitation site meeting which was attended by a delegation from the planning committee.”

From the proposed development site they were able to see an identical E3120 in operation on the neighbouring farm which helped everyone concerned realise how well the turbine would fit into its surroundings.”

Planning permission was subsequently granted, and in November 2013 work to install the turbine began.

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The planning application process was stress-free as far as I was concerned because it was basically handled entirely by Fine Energy… it was good the way the lease was handled.