Wind turbines – Job Opportunities Knocking

With renewed investment by wind turbine manufacturers including, amongst others, Endurance Wind Power UK, in our wind industry, wind energy is one of the biggest growing employers in the UK.

As the Farmers Guardian has recently reported, there are already around 8,600 jobs in wind power alone and this could rise to more than 11,600 jobs according to Government estimates.

So where will these skilled workers come from? The Centre for Alternative Technology’s Arthur Butler, said:

“There is a growing demand for engineers with the skills to install and maintain the renewable capacity we need to build the green economy that the UK has already signed up to.

“Current UK and European Union energy policy is committed to increasing the proportion of energy we use from renewable sources; this not only assists to increase energy security and reduce emissions, but also creates investment and job opportunities within the renewable energy sector.”

 From project management specialists, planning, consultancy, manufacturing, engineering, construction, operations and start-up companies there is a wide range of employment prospects within the industry.”