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I’ll take one in Blissful Blue please!

Long has the image of wind turbines been a focus for public discussion, and it may be that one Dutch company has solved this problem. A Rotterdam-based firm called The Archimedes has developed the Liam F1 Urban Wind and the turbine is available to anybody with a roof. Whilst this small wind turbine may not produce a large amount of electricity, the model is certainly bringing sexy back to renewable energy. The designers wanted to make the turbines more appealing to the public and consequently this particular model is available in a range of colours.

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Wind is the UK’s most popular form of power source

Harris Interactive carried out a study in April 2014 on behalf of The Guardian, which surveyed the attitudes towards the energy market. Responses from more than 2,000 people showed that wind farms would be the most welcomed form of power source. Other sources discussed included coal, nuclear and shale gas.

Interestingly, 48 per cent of respondents said an onshore wind farm would receive positive reception if it was developed within five miles of their home. By contrast, only a fifth could say the same for a new coal powered station, 27 per cent said a new nuclear power station would be welcomed in their area and just 19 per cent supported fracking.

Despite this optimistic evidence that support is widespread throughout the UK, government data revealed there had been a sharp rise in the percentage of onshore wind farm applications being rejected.

Perhaps the main point to take away from all of this is that residents just want to be consulted. The results of the survey are certainly positive, and the implementation of stricter guidelines for community engagement may see wind energy become even more popular in the future.