The renewable energy industry is often depicted as waging war on The Big 6 and if this were true, a small victory has just been accomplished through an alliance with E.ON.

This new enthusiasm for green energy stems from the need to respond to changing global markets. The coal and gas plants will not be abandoned, rather this is a new venture which will focus on distributed networks, microgeneration installation and renewables generation.

There are no guarantees that this bold new beginning will work, but the gesture itself is a significant turning point in Europe’s transition to a genuinely low carbon economy.

This is unlikely to be a selfless move on the part of E.ON, we should not view this as an epiphany; however, they have certainly woke up and smelt the coffee as they begin to understand policymakers aren’t bluffing, clean technology improvements aren’t slowing, and the transition to a low carbon economy is really happening.

The world is watching to see if a giant energy company can profitably reinvent itself as a green energy services powerhouse.

We wish them luck.