A new survey has shown that public support for onshore wind turbines has increased to 68 per cent. Moreover, the opposition has fallen to a new low of 10 percent whilst support for fracking has dropped to 24 per cent. These are all very encouraging figures and it is reassuring to know that the general public understandĀ the importance of energy independenceĀ and consequently approveĀ wind turbine projects.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published the Public Attitudes Tracker, Wave 12 in February of this year and the summary of findings proved that the UK is not anti-wind.

David Cameron argues that people are frustrated with the idea of even more wind turbines going into the ground, and certainly a proportion of the population will not like them, however the overwhelming majority of citizens do support this form of renewable energy and he should not ignore this fact. It is notĀ realistic for the ConservativesĀ to make rash decisions regarding renewable energy policies in the UK. They should focus on the bigger picture and understand that in order to achieve their dream of being the greenest government, they need to stop waging war on wind.