Developers of wind energy projects must always take into consideration the proximity, height and total number of existing turbines when designing a proposal. Information which details proposed, consented and constructed wind turbines is made available through public records- however this does mean trawling through local council websites which can take weeks and even months!

Luckily, Linknode has developed an online system for searching and reporting on the cumulative visual impact of onshore wind turbines. This could reduce the assessment time from weeks to minutes.

The system, which draws on a database of 27,000 turbine locations across the UK, was launched at the RenewableUK 2014 conference in Manchester last week.

The system is integrated into the company’s mobile app VentusAR, which features a portable wind farm visualisation solution. Project Managers can take an iPad or tablet with them on site visits and use the mobile app to detect other turbines in the local area.

Fine Energy is very excited to see how this idea progresses. Clever Linknode.