This week, Fine Energy will be showing its face at two special events. Both take place on Thursday 29 January and are held in different locations -so you will have to decide which takes your fancy unless you can time travel.

The first is a breakfast business meeting at the Novotel Hotel on Broad Street as hosted by the BNI organisation and this looks to offer a superb range of potential clients and partners. There are some very interesting names on the guest list and we hope to exchange business cards, at the very least, during the networking event.

Secondly, The Rushlight Show is something a little different. Featuring an exhibition which showcases innovative clean technology solutions, this event is for investors, developers, entrepreneurs, community representatives, local authority members or anyone who is interested in the renewables industry. The venue is the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London and we will be happy to stop and have a chat with you if you are a landowner interested in leasing a parcel of land, or if you are a business who wants to improve your green credentials.