Scotland is consistently supporting community ownership of renewable energy. Understanding that locals need to be involved in wind farm projects has ensured Scotland has adapted its community engagement method to meet the needs of communities. Businesses and communities alike are working together to help Scotland reach its target of 100 per cent of electricity being generated from renewables.

Scotland’s Energy Minister granted planning consent for a new 26-turbine wind farm in South Lanarkshire, which will power the equivalent of up to 49,000 homes in the area and generate approximately £4 million to the local community. Working in partnership with the residents will help to generate electricity locally and will create jobs both during construction and throughout the wind farm’s lifetime.

Scotland certainly isn’t alone in its efforts to engage with local communities and it will be interesting to see what part consultation will play in gathering public views and understanding of wind turbines. By offering individuals the opportunity to get involved in, and benefit from the projects, the UK may begin to see creative ideas for incorporating wind energy into the local community.