For some, selecting a holiday destination is much more difficult than simply deciding between sun and snow. The fuel consumption of an aircraft is enough to put some travellers off distant shores such as Australia and America, and they choose instead to holiday on the British Isles, limiting their impact on the environment.

For those who look forward to a lavish 14 nights away in a 5 star hotel on a beach in Dubai, the thought of camping in a not-so-waterproof tent in wet and windy Wales is a far cry from paradise. It’s not to say that eco-sensitive holidays are unpopular, but for the average family they can be quite expensive and for those who have one vacation a year, comfort is often prioritized over concerns for the earth and its natural resources. But what if there was a compromise?

The Dutch Windwheel is an innovative design concept which will not only generate wind energy silently, but will also capture rainwater, recycle tap water, produce biogas, house 72 apartments and offer 160 hotel rooms. Some of the cabins will even rotate in order to provide a unique tourist attraction, that being views of the Rotterdam skyline. There will be a significantly sized commercial outlet and a restaurant which, in addition to the inner city location, will be sure to make this an impressive landmark.

Architectural ideas such as the Windwheel have the potential to close the gap between environmentalists and the general public by making it more convenient – and fashionable – to be concerned with our carbon footprints.