At this time of the year we are typically struggling with heavy frost and snow fall, but instead the UK is being battered by strong winds.

Fine Energy own and operate 10 small scale wind turbines on the Orkney Islands and, once we had contacted the turbine manufacturers, we were quick to inform landowners that the turbines were ok to be left on despite predicted speeds of up to 100 mph!

Chaos was anticipated and chaos ensued. Trees fell blocking roads, ferries were unable to sail, schools and nurseries were forced to close and nearly 100,000 properties were left without power in the UK .The highest low level wind speed was recorded at 3am on Friday 9 January 2015 at Stornoway Airport, with gusts measuring 113 mph. Flood alerts have been issued and people are being told to take extra precautions when leaving their homes.

Thankfully, everyone we have spoken to is fine and in addition the wind turbines performed heroically!